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Zephyr is our new drone training simulator currently in development. Specifically designed for use by commercial operators, Zephyr can be used to train operators of all experience and skill levels. Whether you’ve been flying drones for years or have never picked up a controller before, Zephyr has you covered!


Accurate Flight Physics

Zephyr is modeled after real world flight physics. Each drone flies differently depending on motor type, weight, and many other factors. This variety and uncertainty is also reflected in Zephyr’s simulations. After flying with Zephyr, you can feel confident transitioning to flying real drones.


Classroom Management System

With an easy-to-use Classroom Management System, Zephyr offers instructors the opportunity to view students’ progress with comprehensive reports that show if learning objectives were met.


Multiple Controller Support

Zephyr supports standard game pad controllers as well as popular drone controllers, making the transition from simulator to real life seamless.


Simulated Drone Failure

What happens when one of your motors fails or a propeller is destroyed? Zephyr allows operators to experience these potentially dangerous situations in a safe environment, where they can practice how to recover from potential malfunctions and land safely.


Always Up-To-Date

As FAA laws and regulations are created and updated, Zephyr will stay current and notify users of these changes.


Diverse Training Scenarios

With a growing multitude of applications and industries in which drones are used, Zephyr will offer custom training scenarios to meet your specific needs.

For more information on Zephyr, contact us at help@littlearmsstudios.com